Artworks VitasDi at the exhibition space

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On Friday, October, 22, there will be an opening of an exhibition “Signals outside the language. Artists survivors.”, where VitasDi artworks will be exposed. The exhibition will take place at The Volunteer House, Jabotinsky 6, Hod Hasharon. The artworks mostly … Continued


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Is it naivety or cynicism? Is it dirt or saintliness? Is it simplicity or insanity? It is a strength or a weakness? Is it an orgasm or death? Is it old or new? Is it a cure or a trauma? … Continued

Artworks in private collection

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Two artworks of VitasDi were acquired for the private collection in Israel. Here are some photographs from the apartment with the exposed artworks in it.

Day at Nachlat Binyamin Art Fair

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thank you the MisSK for this day! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 My first parovoz on the pink is part of Tel Aviv now. So cool. Liam’ gotten lot’s of attention from folks on the street and was so industrious and creative. The skin is … Continued