Commissioned work

A couple of weeks ago VitasDi was asked to create his first work for a fee. It is not an easy thing to get used to a new role as an artist, especially when you have to create an artwork under a pressure of client’s expectations, even if these are not extremely explicit. However, the main aim in this case is to find a balance between a freedom of expression and a topic set, what was the case this time.
The name of the commissioned artwork is “Parovoz”, what means “A Steam Train” if translated from Russian. Inspired the childhood memories about railway, trains, and overall industrial ambiance of the artist’s hometown Daugavpils, VitasDi employs a steam train as one of the topical objects in his artistic work. The “Parovoz” artwork was created in Tel Aviv, in December, 2020 as a part of “Parovoz” series realised in a form of graffiti in Tel Aviv creative quarter Kiryat Hamelacha.

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